Easy to Use

Unlike most operations software, Ocore molds itself to function within your organizations workflow. This allows for efficient adoption by operations, engineering and management teams.

Data at your fingertips

Ocore contains extremely powerful search and trending tools to make your data useful in a way you’ve never been able before. Give meaning and context to all that manually collected data.


Ocore organizes communication surrounding your data in a way that makes it easy to track, review and understand. This data can also be searched to recall previously identified solutions.

Access Anywhere

We know that value comes from regular use. Ocore has been designed from the ground up with mobile and desktop use in mind. Operators gathering data from a tablet, or interacting from a desktop are all smooth and easy to use.

Use cases only limited by imagination

Operator Shift Log

Track operator notes, event occurences, etc. Collaborate on solving problems. Attach pictures or video along with problems and solutions. Quickly and easily search data.

Operator Round Sheets

Create forms with step by step data collection. Trend collected data. Automatically highlight data outside of specific limits and turn data into reports.


Maintenance Management

Create assets and track their related maintenance needs. Attach notes, photos, videos, maintenance manuals procedures and other information and coordinate their upkeep with your team.

Project Management

Ocore flexible system allows for extensive variation on how projects are tracked. Keep simple lists with notes or extensive information. Keep teams involved and improve efficiency of collaboration and coordination.

Other Uses

Because Ocore let’s you design your own logs the cases are endless. Some other uses customers have identified are:

  • Budget Tracking
  • Training Progress
  • Event Analysis
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Area Sign In
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Issue Tracking
  • Water Quality Data Retention


The vast capabilities allow us to do everything from tracking work, parts, notes and model numbers on a site by site basis. It’s a convenient, secure way to gather site specific information such as pressures, flows and tank levels, complete with trending capabilities.
- Logan City Public Works
We have been using Ocore for the past months and it has been extremely valuable for tracking work done at sites and work that needs attention. It’s surprisingly simple to customize the product to get the look and feel you want. It is a great tool for improving efficiency and not letting things slip through the cracks.
- Satisfied Ocore User
We love the feature of being able to attach files to any entry, from files such as PDF, drawings, pictures and videos – a picture paints a thousand words and provides detail needed to understand log entries or work orders. This feature is great to use in documenting work that has been completed
- Satisfied Ocore User


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